The Love Yourself Project

Self Love Must Come First

Do you call yourself names? Do you neglect your own needs and put other first? Do you stay in relationships with people that bring you down? If you want to start honoring yourself, I have good news. You are exactly where you should be. I have centered my practice around teaching people just like you exactly how to love and honor themselves more.

You deserve to feel good about yourself as you are a valuable part of this world.

Signs you may be suffering from low self esteem:

  • You back down when someone hurts your feelings
  • You walk with your head down or cover your mouth when talking
  • You don't accept compliments well
  • You apologize when you have done nothing wrong
  • You call yourself names
  • You are unable to recognize any of your achievements and accomplishments

Self Esteem Building and Coaching

Are you ready to love yourself more?

I can help you take the first steps in building your self esteem by:

  • Identifying your limiting beliefs
  • Creating a vision of your best self possible
  • How to navigate through the insurance maze and deciding if you should
  • Remove the mean girl voice inside your head
  • How to attract relationships that are healthy, positive and uplifting
  • Learn step by step what to do when someone puts you down
  • Practice positive self talk
  • Creating personal and relationship boundaries
  • Determine exactly what you can do to make you feel confident