My hunch is your tired of feeling unhappy, insecure, misunderstood and anxious.

You may be a mom who is worried about her daughter or a young women struggling to find herself.

I am really glad you are here, I would love to help you.

Learn the top 3 ways to manage your anxiety.

Discover the 1 thing to stop doing now to attract the relationship you want.

Practice 5 easy ways you can stand up for yourself.

Explore ways you can implement self love in your daily routine.

Offering quality therapy and coaching services to teens
and young women interested in learning how to:

Reduce Anxiety
Eliminate Academic Stress
Manage Moods
Improve Relationships
Let go of the Past

Heal Depression
Increase Motivation
Love Yourself More
Boost Confidence
Overcome Guilt and Shame

Hi, my name is Jennifer! I help bright tweens, teens and young women increase their self esteem and manage their anxiety and depression.  I would love the opportunity to speak with you about how I can help! Feel free to contact me today for a free fifteen minute get to know you phone call.