Group Therapy for Middle School and High School Girls

Help your daughter feel confident about herself and her future

Does your daughter have low self esteem even though she is bright and capable?

Does she have a hard time managing her anxiety and other moods?

Does she constantly criticize the way she looks?

Does she tend to ignore her own needs and focuses on making others happy?

Group is designed to help teens who may be hurting and feeling alone.

Tween Girls Therapy Group

On-going weekly therapy group for middle school girls starting 9/24/18. Contact me today to register your daughter as space is limited to 6 spaces.     



  • Raise her self esteem
  • Manage her stress
  • Communicate effectively
  • Form healthy relationships
  • Stand up for herself
  • Feel happier
  • Plan for her future
  • Manage her emotions
  • Conquer self doubt
  • Feel heard and understood


An initial assessment-consultation is needed before entrance into any group unless you are an established patient. There is on-going open enrollment for all groups which is subject to availability. Groups typically run for 8 weekly sessions, after which participants can graduate, new members can join the group or members can continue for the next group cycle. Group members are required to commit to the full 8 week group cycle. The group rate is $50 per session. Some insurances are accepted. The maximum number of group members is 6.


Groups are facilitated by LCSW Jennifer Fairchild who has over 17 years of experience running groups.

Contact Jennifer at or call 203.494.9058 to register.